June 2008

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I must make public this promise in order to encourage myself to keep it: I’ll spend less time criticising other people and more trying to find and give my best.


CC by-nc by Muoo Photography in FlickrCC by-nc Muoo Photography in Flickr

How many times have I said I will never do this or that? I’m not better than anyone: I’m just as lost as everybody, unable to make decisions so fast that I use egoism as the rule of thumb.

We will always have empathy.


We’re celebrating the Firefox 3 Release with a party this Friday night at 8:15 pm at The Bourbon Cafe, just 1 minute walking from Sol Metro Station (Madrid).

There will be a Firefox 3 show, merchandising raffles, out of control geekism and a lot, a lot of good humour and famous people. If you’re a Mozilla fan, a crazy freak or just a curious guy, please signup at this page. See you!

Update: Thank you all for attending! Photos here.

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Raelly amzanig!

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Some physicists have theorised that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider, a monster-sized particle accelerator) could create a wormhole that will lead us to a hostile universe, without beer nor pizza. We must stop it now!

Botanist sues to stop CERN hurling Earth into parallel universe | The Register

Large Hadron Collider – Safety Concerns | Wikipedia

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