Porting PHC to Plone 4

I’ve spent some time this weekend updating the Plone Help Center product to work in Plone 4, specifically in Plone 4.0a2. Some reasons/excuses:

  • I had free time.
  • I love coding for fun.
  • I wanted to experience myself how easy/hard can be to updating a Plone 3 product to work in Plone 4.

The changelog will tell you about every change I performed, but a summary of the most important stuff is:

  • The attribute __implements__ of a class cannot be used anymore. Use zope.interface implements and implementsOnly instead.
  • Use mailhost.send instead of mailhost.secureSend. Learn how to upgrade your product accordingly (thanks alecm!).
  • Manually define all needed variables which were formerly globally defined in the famous main_template. This was the most time-consuming step, because I had to fix them one-by-one following a try-error approach. Thanks god PHC has automatic tests, which helped a lot there.
    Perhaps we could come up with a handy find-grep expression to be run in the root of your add-on package to identify all templates where you’re using global expressions (no longer available). find-grep hackers are welcome to comment this post. ;)

Did the LEP find the Higgs boson? Will the LHC?

I’ve prepared some slides for tomorrow’s presentation about the Higgs boson for the Experimental Particle Physics course. They probably are very imprecise and lack formality, but that’s all I managed to do!

I’ve borrowed a lot of material and knowledge from Wikipedia and the webpages of the different experiments mentioned, so keep this in mind if you want to borrow anything from my slides. :)

You can get them in PDF format and in ODP format.

Very special thanks to Beatriz Seoane Bartolomé, who helped me to understand the hypothesis contrast diagrams.