Organizing a competition with Plone

The following story is an attempt to show an example of how one can work with Plone in real world project. It’s based on a real product whose development I contributed to: acentoweb.competition. The requisites The client wanted a system to manage and organize online photo and video competitions. The competitions’ announcements and rules would […]

On Deco and Tiles – the big picture

I’ve been working these months in a Google Summer of Code project entitled Core tiles development. One thing I wanted to do is to write some documentation about how the whole Deco/Blocks/Tiles system works together – the reason is that there are a lot of packages and moving pieces involved and it’s easy to get […]

Plone 3 Multimedia review

Time for a new review of a Plone book! This time it’s Plone 3 Multimedia, by Tom Gross, and published by, guess who… Packt Publishing! One would say that Packt has a really good marketing team. 馃槢 The mistake in the title is here strikes once again, since most of the book, if not it […]

Free Culture X Conference notes

The Free Culture X Conference and Unconference took place the past 13th and 14th of February at the George Washington University, in Washington, DC. I had the privilege to attend thanks to a travel grant from the generosity of Google, Mozilla and Shareable. As they define it, its vision is to bring together student activists […]

Download historical financial data from Yahoo! using Python

Update! I’ve extended and polished the library and published it as pyyahoofinance at github. Feel free to critizise my coding style and laugh at me, and of course to use it and/or contribute. I’m working on a project where I need to analyze the ups and downs of different stock values along the history and […]

Back from the Free Culture Forum

Back to Stockholm! I’ve spent this whole weekend in Barcelona in the Free Culture Forum, working together with more than a hundred people from all over the world to debate about how to face the new (and old) challenges with copyright, net neutrality and education, among others, and decide the next actions to take. First […]

Search plugin for documentation

I got bored of having to write “ blabla” in the Firefox search box to use Google to look for documentation in so I created a plugin following these instructions and using this generator. Check it out! Some tips: Use Ctrl+K to get to the searchbar. With the focus in the searchbar Alt+Up/Down lets […]

Privacy on Facebook

It’s not the first time someone tells me that he doesn’t want to create a Facebook account for himself because he wants to keep his private life on his own. I usually think they’re too over-concerned due to a variety of reasons. First of all, you’re not obliged to share anything you don’t want to. […]

Documenting PLIP changes

What started as an utopic idea has now become real! Over the last Plone releases, the documentation had become sadly outdated, because the people writing code for the new features of the product were faster than the people writing the documentation for them. During the last Plone Conference the Plone Documentation Team was revived. It […]