Pitt i panna

I guess you can make this recipe as complicated as you want and also there must be lots of variants, but this is my very own pitt i panna.


  • Potatoes.
  • Leftover meat – that is, any kind of meat you have in your fridge and don’t know what to do with it.
  • Onion(s).
  • Eggs – as many as people is going to devore.
  • A soup cube – vegetables or meat, as you prefer.
  • Salt, oil and any spices you happen to like.

The amount of potatoes, onions and meat can vary, depending on your taste. If you like potatoes very much, add more potatoes; if you love onion, put more onions… I guess you get it. 馃槈


  • Peel and cut the potatoes into dices and start boiling them in a pot with water. You have to boil them just a little bit, so perform the next steps reasonably fast.
  • Cut the onion(s) into rings.
  • Cook the onion rings into a pan with some oil until they’re half transparent.
  • Add the meat to the pan and stir until it’s brown-ish.
  • Remove the onion-meat thingy from the pan, add some more oil and then the half-boiled potatoes. The goal is to kinda-fry them.
  • When you feel they’re fried enough, add back the meat-onion thingy and stir.
  • Now add as many salt and spices as you wish and stir again.
  • Regarding the eggs, you have two options: either add them directly to the same pan where you have the onion-meat-potato-mix and cook it as you can, or fry them in a separate pan and add place them at the top of the onion-meat-potato-mix when serving.

I know, I know this recipe sounds a lot like “cook as you wish” but that’s exaclty what you should do. Cooking is one of the best (IMO) ways to improve your creativity. Feel free to experiment and tell me about any interesting result! (burnt kitchen, vomiting guests, etc.)

3 thoughts on “Pitt i panna

  1. LS
    When/where is the soup cube added ?
    A bit of garlic will improve the recepe.
    Furthermore, pitt i panna is served with slices of red beets in vinaigre.

  2. Hej! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with everybody! I’ll try with garlic.

    Regarding the soup cube, you can add it when you have everything again in the pan after pseudo-frying the potatoes.

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