HOWTO encourage women in Linux

Some time ago I blogged about women not being attracted by Linux and Free Software in general, and now I’ve found a long essay written by Valerie Henson, a consultant specialized in filesystems, about why are there so few women in Linux and what to do and don’t do to encourage them to get their hands into it.

Actually, one of the Don’t’s is 芦Don’t Complain about the lack of women in computing禄, because they’ll think 芦No wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend禄. Shame on me! :-S

This is the first of a (I hope) long list of posts written in English, trying to help non-Spanish speakers to understand me. I know my English is bad, but their Spanish is often worse. 馃槢

3 thoughts on “HOWTO encourage women in Linux

  1. I’d a quick look at this document and I found some disconcerting points, for instance, “Do treat women as normal people”. However, by the way, Val’s text is very good stuff. Don’t complain about my English, yours is better than mine and I encourage you to keep on writing! (about writing in English, I’ve thought lots of time about starting a new blog at in order to write in all languages I can, but I’m a lazy girl, you know!).

  2. Well, geeks usually point at women who like computers and free soft and say “heyyy she’s a girl, isn’t she!?”. It’s like toooo strange for them to believe it!

    Laziness and shame would better be in the WC. 馃槈

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