Doodle – schedule an event

This is one of the web apps you wonder why nobody has invented it before. Have you ever tried to arrange a party or work dinner for a lot of people? It’s so difficult to find a day when everybody can attend…

Doodle has come to help you! It provides you a easy-to-use schedule and poll utility for free. Steps are easy:

  1. Go to Doodle.
  2. Click create poll under Schedule an event…
  3. Enter the poll title, description, your name/alias and, optionally, your mail to be notified whenever somebody participates in your poll.
  4. Select and enter which dates and times would you like to be available.

That’s all! Doodle will provide you two (private) hashed links: one you can mail the potential participants for them to enter their preferred dates for this event, and one to edit and delete the poll if you need it.

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