Unlearning the Intellectual Property

This week I’m attending a summer course with this name in Cáceres, Spain. The course covers topics like New Technologies’ role inside a collaborative sharing and learning community, legal bits of copyleft and copyright or free as in beer knowledge.

I’m going to speak the following Thursday (tomorrow morning) about Alqua, the famous community targeted to producing, distributing and improving free knowledge using free documents. I’m not confident about what I’m going to tell the atendees of such an important event, but I think I’m going to architect the presentation into three parts: what on earth is Alqua, a bit of its history, and current and future projects in our minds.

Last night I met Cikgu, member of the hackrs group in the País Vasco, and we enjoyed an al fresco dinner, talking about literature, films, and the concepts of intellectual property along the History.

I was working on my awful Alqua presentation until 2 am, with an horrible heat in my hotel room, just to discover this morning that I have an air conditioning system installed in it. Argh!

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