Back from the Intellectual Property

I’m finally back from the “Unlearning the Intellectual Property” University course at C谩ceres.

I attended as a speaker to the course, but I felt more like a student, because I’ve learnt a lot from the wise (seriously) people I’ve met.

The History of Copyright, the University Intellectual Copyright System, Sharing vs. Competing, Journalism 2.0 and the OMEMO project were only some of the developed topics by philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, mathematicians, physicians, musicians, technicians, lawyers and students of the Universe in general, from different interesting and innovative points of view that favored me to rethink why should we follow and promote (or not) Free Knowledge and the importance of Moral Rights.

Thank you all for being so amazing! I’d love to assist to the course the next year and talk to everybody about current and new projects progress. See you!

Updates: Thanks to Cikgu for his spell checker. 馃槈聽 Photos here.

I’m sorry for writing so many Capital Letters.

2 thoughts on “Back from the Intellectual Property

  1. It sounds interesting. I’ve never had the chance of being speaker, but I’m sure you can learn from everywhere you go (and you do, of course). Journalism 2.0., it’d like to listen to that!!! Take care of yourself!!!!

  2. 驴Didn’t you know Andoni Alonso? He was my phylosophy techaer two years ago, in my first year at the UEx. I think he’s one of the best teacher I’ve ever had. He is… peculiar.
    Well, I was at a university course too. But I really believe it’s not so interesting than yours: Its name was “La Europeizaci贸n del Estado Auton贸mico” (I don’t know how to translate it), hehehe.
    See you!

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