Privacy on the Internet

These days I’m continously hearing complaints about lack of privacy on the Internet due to social networks, collaborative bookmarking, mail scanning and more.

People are often afraid of putting their sensitive data online because they don’t trust the sites’ policies. They might think these hosting companies are going to sell their data to the spammers, track their web searches, and run to their homes to arrest them.

Well, I don’t have any problem at all with publishing my bookmarks online, sharing what I’m doing with my friends on the social networks or, why not, speaking my mind on this blog, because I don’t want to hide all that, I would love everybody interested to read it and be happy. Of course, if I had something to hide, the last place where I would put it is a social network or any other public site on the Internet: I’d encrypt it in a piece of paper, or better, in my brain.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments… if you don’t worry about being indexed by Google! 馃槈

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