Marinated salmon – gravad lax

This is a really delicious Swedish recipe, and almost trivial to cook.


  • 2 steaks of salmon with skin in one side.
  • Dill.
  • Salt
  • Sugar.
  • Water.
  • Olive oil (optional).


  • Put the two steaks of salmon in a surface with the skin downwards. Spread dill generously over both of them.
  • Mix two parts of salt with one of sugar and add a bit of water to get a kind of paste. The resulting mix has to be enough to cover completely one of the steaks.
  • Spread the previous mix over one of the salmon steaks.
  • Put the other piece of salmon over the first one, with the skin upwards.
  • Make some pressure between the two pieces of salmon. You can use a weight or whatever you prefer. I used the two plastic recipients coming with the salmon steaks I bought and several rubber bands.
  • Place the salmon in the fridge and leave it there from one to three days, swaping the position of the pieces each half day, i.e. put the piece which was down up, and the piece which was up down. Don’t worry if you forget to swap them for some hours, it won’t explode. :)
  • Cut with a knife into thin slices and serve with olive oil.

You can also use the marinated salmon in salads, or have it with moustard sauce, or both. We put each slice in a cracker (those salty biscuits) with cheese and they were amaaaaaaazingly delicious. Enjoy!

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