Search plugin for documentation

I got bored of having to write “ blabla” in the Firefox search box to use Google to look for documentation in so I created a plugin following these instructions and using this generator. Check it out! Some tips: Use Ctrl+K to get to the searchbar. With the focus in the searchbar Alt+Up/Down lets […]

Extensión de Firefox para Tuenti

Tuentifox es un proyecto liderado por los chicos de Mozilla Hispano para comunicarse con la popular red social Tuenti desde el propio navegador. Actualmente se encuentra en fase pre-alfa, pero merece la pena que le echéis un vistazo y propongáis ideas y mejoras.

What can Firefox learn from Chrome and others

I think that the reaction of some sectors of the Mozilla community when Chrome was released was a bit too defensive. Looks like some people are so inmerse into the Mozilla world they can’t accept that sometimes people from outside have great ideas too and they have to say the last word. One of the […]

Firefox 3 Release Party – Friday 27th

We’re celebrating the Firefox 3 Release with a party this Friday night at 8:15 pm at The Bourbon Cafe, just 1 minute walking from Sol Metro Station (Madrid). There will be a Firefox 3 show, merchandising raffles, out of control geekism and a lot, a lot of good humour and famous people. If you’re a […]