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Personal Data

Name: Israel Saeta Pérez.

Location: Italy.

Contact data: israel.saeta (at) dukebody (dot) com or dukebody (at) gmail (dot) com. Please write to know about my phone number, etc.



Spanish: Mother tongue. Speak, read and write it fluently.

English: Advanced reading, writing and speaking. Specialized in technical texts (see translating experience below). Erasmus stay in Stockholm with English lectures. Worked with many clients communicating exclusively in English.

Catalan: Advanced (C1). Completed three language courses. Lived in Barcelona for three years.

Italian: Basic (B1). Completed intermediate-level course at Dante Aligheri with top grades (30/30 e lode).


Education – University

Master degree in Artificial Intelligence by UPC/UB/URV (2011-2013). Sponsored by a scholarship from La Caixa. Special mention for best academic records.

The master degree includes the topics, among others:

  • Machine Learning.
  • Data Mining.
  • Information Retrieval. (Indexing, search strategies optimization, genetic search algorithms)
  • Self-Organized Multi-Agent Systems.
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models. (Project in algorithms for learning Bayesian Networks structure)
  • Neural Networks in Finance.
  • Object and Human Recognition. (Applied Computer Vision)
  • Computational Intelligence. (ANNs and Fuzzy Logics)
  • Normative Dynamic Virtual Worlds. (Project in applying A-SVM techniques to avatars’ movements)
  • Cognitive Interaction with Robots. (Practical project with the Nao platform and A-SVMs)
  • Master Thesis: Smart Cage Active Contours and their application to brain image segmentation.

Physics graduate by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) (2005-2011). Specialization in Theoretical Physics. Foreign stays:

Science and Nature High School Degree at IES Alameda de Osuna (2005).


EDUCATION – laureate awards

  • Best Academic Records special mention for Master in Artificial Intelligence (2013).
  • Premio Nacional de Bachillerato 2004-2005 (National Baccalaureate Award).
  • Premio Extraordinario de Bachillerato Madrid 2004-2005 (Extraordinary Baccalaureate Award).
  • Comunidad de Madrid Excellency Scholarship Holder (2005).
  • Silver medal at the national phase of the XXXVI International Physics Olympiad (2005).


education – Other courses

Course in Advanced Computers Security (2010) by Universitat de Barcelona, including topics like proactive security, rootkits, firewalls or security auditing.

Web Intelligence and Big Data (2013). Coursera .

Machine Learning (2013). Coursera.

Data Analysis (2013). Coursera.

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship (2013). Coursera.

30 days to learn jQuery (2013). Tuts+.

PHP Fundamentals (2013). Tuts+.

30 days to learn HTML & CSS (2013). Tuts+.

CSS3 Essentials (2013). Tuts+.

Bootstrap for Web Design (2014). Tuts+.

Cryptography I (2014). Coursera.

Macroeconomics (2014). Coursera.



  • Attended the Plone Conference 2010 in Bristol, UK.
  • Attended the Plone European Symposium 2010 in Sorrento, Italy, working on tiles development.
  • Attended the Plone Cathedral Sprint 2010, focusing on Plone 4 documentation work.
  • Attended the Free Culture X Conference (2010) in Washington, D.C.
  • Attended the Free Culture Forum 2009 in Barcelona.
  • Speaker and student in the summer course “Desaprendiendo la propiedad intelectual” (Unlearning Intellectual Property), held in Cáceres, Spain, 2008.


Technical skills

General programming: Python, Java, C/C++.

Server side programming: PHP, WordPress, JSP, Zope/Plone, Django, Pyramid, SQL, SQLAlchemy.

Front-end web development: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery.

Scientific computing: Matlab/Octave, R.

System administration: Linux, Apache, Varnish, lighttpd.

Developer tools: SVN, GIT, Mercurial, Trac.

Graphics: Inkscape, Gimp.


Experience – PROFESSIONAL work

Freelance web development (2013-).

  • Voices of India. Enhance layout for mobile devices and perform several design optimizations. Technical administration of the site. Technologies: WordPress, PHP, HTML/CSS/JS.
  • SWHAPE-conomic integration (Webworks). Integration of the web accounting system “e-conomic” with a custom site workflow via SOAP. Technologies: Plone.
  • The Troika Party. Planning, development and maintainance of the website, including the design. Technologies: WordPress, WPML, PHP, HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Marisa Maza Portfolio website. Programming of the site (portfolio) in plain PHP. Design using CSS3 and JS.

Contractual web development for AcentoWeb (2010).
Technologies: Plone/Zope, Python, HTML/CSS.
See my repositories at github for example work.

Google Summer of Code 2010 student, working with Plone on Core tiles development, mentored by Martin Aspeli.
Technologies: Plone/Zope, Python, Test Driven Development.

Contractual web development at Webworks Sweden and Betahaus (2009-2010).
Pair programming to develop and deploy websites with custom content-types, workflows and themes.
Technologies: Plone/Zope, Pyramid, Python, HTML/CSS.

Researcher within the <e-UCM> group from the Complutense University of Madrid (December 2008 – February 2009).
Technologies: C++, Moodle.

  • Studied the benefits of virtual environments and video games in learning processes.
  • Helped to manage a C++ introductory programming course and evaluate its students.

Junior developer at Zassh.com for Zassh.com  (July – October 2008). Zassh.com is a dot-com company which developed a sports-related social networking website.
Technologies: Plone/Zope, Python, HTML/CSS, GData API, SQLAlchemy, lighttpd, Squid, SVN, Trac.

  • Re-structured the development environment from a “custom skin layer” one to a buildout based one, with several file-system products under SVN control, and a Trac instance to organize tasks.
  • Programmed an utility to upload, retrieve and modify videos in YouTube using the GData API and Zope 3.
  • Programmed a web-based system for the site to organize sport competitions based on SQLAlchemy queries.
  • Deployed the site using lighttpd as a light web server to redirect requests to Zope, and Squid as a reverse-proxy.


Experience – Free Software

Plone Editorial Board Member (October 2008 – May 2011).

  • Garden the Developing for Plone documentation section, with more than 100 articles, reviewing new submissions, writing some articles and reorganizing existing content.
  • Coordinated the efforts to integrate any changes introduced in the product by accepted PLIPs in the official documentation for Plone 3.3 and 4.0.

Member of the Alqua editorial project (2006-2010).
Technologies: Python, Cheetah (templating system), LaTeX,

  • Maintained the Alqua Plone web site (Plone-based) and communication & marketing-lead in Spain.
  • Programmed the current Cheetah-based template system.
  • Participated in round-table discussions and conferences on this project: “Unlearning the Intellectual property”, held in Cáceres, Spain (2008) and “Free Software in the University”, held in Madrid (2009).

Participated in Mozilla Hispano, the Mozilla community for Spanish speakers (2007-2010).

  • Programmed a l10n QA tool targeted to non-techie users under the Django framework: mini-litmus.
  • Provided support to average users in forums, write news articles and documentation from July 2007 to December 2009.

Lead Flock‘s community l10n efforts (2008).

  • Lead existing localization teams and helped to consolidate new ones.
  • Translated technical texts, including the browser and some web pages about release notes, from English to Spanish.
  1. antonio’s avatar

    He visto tu comentario en otro blog sobre Flock y lo he instalado en inglés (la versión 1.0.1). Pero ahora preferiría tenerlo en castellano, ¿qué me recomiendas que haga?
    Gracias por anticipado
    P.D. Trabajo con kubuntu 7.10


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