#cosasbuenasdelalluvia backup

Porque conviene guardar los recuerdos antes de que se hundan en las profundidades de los timelines. #cosasbuenasdelalluvia que todo el mundo deja de mirarte raro por llevar el sombrero anti-chaparrones. Ahora te envidian. #cosasbuenasdelalluvia ver a la gente dándose culetazos al resbalarse en los ultradeslizantes suelos del campus. #cosasbuenasdelalluvia tener algo interesante que escuchar mientras […]

#lluisbelanchequotes backup

Because Twitter will eat your tweets sooner or later… #lluisbelanchequotes If you say no I’m going to kill myself #lluisbelanchequotes if I was a sorcerer I would be in night television #lluisbelanchequotes Why do I derive wrt this variable and not wrt this other one? Because I’m going to do black magic! Aaaaaaaaah! #lluisbelanchequotes Something […]

Merry Christmaz and FANY!

To avoid repeating myself over and over again, I wish Merry Christmas (With Capital Letters) and a Fucking Awesome New Year to all my colleagues, family and friends. Tururú! PS. Please don’t make Baby Jesus cry and avoid sending tons of emails and postcards wishing super-hiper-mega-merry christmas to everybody – post funny pictures and messages […]