Pitt i panna

I guess you can make this recipe as complicated as you want and also there must be lots of variants, but this is my very own pitt i panna. Ingredients! Potatoes. Leftover meat – that is, any kind of meat you have in your fridge and don’t know what to do with it. Onion(s). Eggs […]


This dish is perfect to prepare for friends’ meetings or similar, since almost everybody likes it and it’s very cool to have while mingling. Ingredients: 2 mature avocados. If you live in Stockholm, go to Hötorget to buy them. 1 onion. 1 mature tomato. Lemon juice. Salt. Any hot sauce, e.g. Tabasco. (Optional.) Nacho chips. […]

Marinated salmon – gravad lax

This is a really delicious Swedish recipe, and almost trivial to cook. Ingredients: 2 steaks of salmon with skin in one side. Dill. Salt Sugar. Water. Olive oil (optional). Preparation: Put the two steaks of salmon in a surface with the skin downwards. Spread dill generously over both of them. Mix two parts of salt […]