Doodle – schedule an event

This is one of the web apps you wonder why nobody has invented it before. Have you ever tried to arrange a party or work dinner for a lot of people? It’s so difficult to find a day when everybody can attend… Doodle has come to help you! It provides you a easy-to-use schedule and […]

Flock first l10n meeting summary

Last Saturday the first community-wide Flock l10n meeting was held in, and I wanted to write a quick summary of it and share my thoughts about. Thanks to everybody who attended! First of all, Grouse, Flock 1.2 codename, is about 2 weeks away from being released! We’ll announce a public beta in the site […]

HOWTO encourage women in Linux

Some time ago I blogged about women not being attracted by Linux and Free Software in general, and now I’ve found a long essay written by Valerie Henson, a consultant specialized in filesystems, about why are there so few women in Linux and what to do and don’t do to encourage them to get their […]