A semantic adaptive social feed reader

Have you never hit the “read all” button in your RSS reader to get rid of all the bold/marked/highlighted items you don’t have the time or interest to read? I bet you have.

I’ve recently started using a tool called twitterspy to track all submitted tweets with some words in them, e.g. “bolonia”, “ucm” and “plone”. This way I’m amazingly stumbling upon a lot more interesting (to me) pages/ideas than reading any of my classical RSS feeds.

Imagine you could choose a bunch of expressions to track in your RSS feeds to pop-up/highlight items maching these expressions. Wouldn’t that be great? Is this feature already implemented somewhere?

If it isn’t… there’s a new free software proyect in my queue! Proposed plan:

  1. Code a tool to search RSS items for certain words and give them a punctuation according to the number of words found. This will allow highlighting them somehow (articles cloud?) in a web-view.
  2. Code a tool which automagically creates filters from items you read, like and dislike to create your “reading profile”, so you won’t have to track words manually. Something like audioscobbler buf for feed items.
  3. Create a social feeds site to find feeds, feed items and people that match your reading profile.

In short words, an adaptive social feed reader!

Update: isn’t that stumbleupon? Ouch.

One thought on “A semantic adaptive social feed reader

  1. Tengo la extraña sensación de que cuando hablo contigo luego veo repetidas tus palabras en tu blog… xD

    No es la primera vez… xD

    *Me voy que tengo demasiadas cosas por leer.. xD*

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