Hey people! I’ve finally moved to Stockholm to study within the Erasmus programme. I will study Engineering Physics at KTH: Nuclear Physics, Experimental Particle Physics, Many Particle Physics, Relativistic Quantum Physics, Chaos and Self-Organization and Fluid Mechanics for this autumn 2009 term.

Stockholm looks really beautiful but I’ve not find the time yet to do some tourism. I’m totally overwhelemed by all the bureucracy, shopping and… cooking! I love cooking and since now I’m living alone I can cook without limit (just money ;).

The people here is friendly in general. Lots of people from France, Germany and Spain! The KTH facilites are absolutely amazing and the buildings are really cute too. I was afraid of my English but I’ve managed for now to understand and make people understand me. The fact that English is not the mother lang of almost everyone here helps, of course.

I still don’t have Internet access in my room in Lappis, that’s why I’m not posting too often.

Studying abroad is being a really exciting experience. I can’t stop reccommending it to everybody. You’ll regret if you let it go!

2 thoughts on “Hej!

  1. Hi!

    Welcome to Stockholm.
    We (Webworks and Betahaus) are plonistas in Stockholm. Why don’t we meet up for a coffee or beer? Couldn’t find your contact info, so just drop us a line at my e-mail, or send feedback at our website http://webworks.se/ if you’re in the mood.


    Jörgen Modin

  2. Hi Israel,

    I’d like to join Jörgen in welcoming you to Stockholm.
    I’m at Karolinska and I’d certainly like to meet with you (and the Webwork guys?) whenever you are up to it.

    Maybe it’s about time to start a local user group here even.


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