Plone 3.3 Site Administration Review

Packt Plone books strike again! Written by well-known Alex Clark and technically reviewed by the re-incident Steve McMahon,聽Plone 3.3 Site Administration comes to my e-shelf. Being Alex the most dedicated administrator, you can’t expect him to be wrong at how to manage a Plone site. While the book target audience is claimed to be […]

Organizing a competition with Plone

The following story is an attempt to show an example of how one can work with Plone in real world project. It’s based on a real product whose development I contributed to: acentoweb.competition. The requisites The client wanted a system to manage and organize online photo and video competitions. The competitions’ announcements and rules would […]

On Deco and Tiles – the big picture

I’ve been working these months in a Google Summer of Code project entitled Core tiles development. One thing I wanted to do is to write some documentation about how the whole Deco/Blocks/Tiles system works together – the reason is that there are a lot of packages and moving pieces involved and it’s easy to get […]

Plone 3 Multimedia review

Time for a new review of a Plone book! This time it’s Plone 3 Multimedia, by Tom Gross, and published by, guess who… Packt Publishing! One would say that Packt has a really good marketing team. 馃槢 The mistake in the title is here strikes once again, since most of the book, if not it […]

Plone 3 Products Development Cookbook

When I received a review request for Plone 3 Products Development Cookbook from Packt, the first thing I thought was: How didn’t I know about this book before, and who are the authors? I’d certainly not heard about them (Juan Pablo Gim茅nez and Marcos F. Romero) nor this upcoming book ever before, but it seems […]

My GSoC project proposal: Core tiles development

Update: This project has been accepted! Martin Aspeli will be my mentor. For those of you not familiarized with Plone nor web development nor computers: I want to press a lot of buttons to make the pattern of lights shown in a metal rectangle change however I want. (credits to xkcd #722 馃槈 For the […]

Plone 3 for Education review

One of the first things you have to keep in mind when considering to get this book is the target audience. If you’re a hard-core developer who keeps Proffessional Plone Development under your pillow, this book might be a bit too “soft” for you. It’s targeted to integrators with little experience in Plone who want […]

Porting PHC to Plone 4

I’ve spent some time this weekend updating the Plone Help Center product to work in Plone 4, specifically in Plone 4.0a2. Some reasons/excuses: I had free time. I love coding for fun. I wanted to experience myself how easy/hard can be to updating a Plone 3 product to work in Plone 4. The changelog will […]

Installing Plone 4.0a1 on Debian

I just read on a tweet that the first alpha release of Plone 4 is already available for testing and I wasn’t able to resist the temptation. 馃槢聽 As some people have already pointed out, Python 2.6 for Debian is only available from the experimental repository, and most of us prefer to stay testing or […]