Porting PHC to Plone 4

I’ve spent some time this weekend updating the Plone Help Center product to work in Plone 4, specifically in Plone 4.0a2. Some reasons/excuses:

  • I had free time.
  • I love coding for fun.
  • I wanted to experience myself how easy/hard can be to updating a Plone 3 product to work in Plone 4.

The changelog will tell you about every change I performed, but a summary of the most important stuff is:

  • The attribute __implements__ of a class cannot be used anymore. Use zope.interface implements and implementsOnly instead.
  • Use mailhost.send instead of mailhost.secureSend. Learn how to upgrade your product accordingly (thanks alecm!).
  • Manually define all needed variables which were formerly globally defined in the famous main_template. This was the most time-consuming step, because I had to fix them one-by-one following a try-error approach. Thanks god PHC has automatic tests, which helped a lot there.
    Perhaps we could come up with a handy find-grep expression to be run in the root of your add-on package to identify all templates where you’re using global expressions (no longer available). find-grep hackers are welcome to comment this post. 馃槈

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