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Last week I started working (earning money :-P) for, a dot-com company which develops a social networking website with the same name about sports. It looks like my future is bound to the social web… or perhaps the Internet is what is bound to the social web.

The site is powered by Plone, IMHO, the most powerful CMS available in the open source world today. My role inside the company as a Junior Programmer is to develop and code the different parts of the website. There’s a lot of work to do, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. We’re currently finishing the code of the 2nd stage of the site, which will allow users to surf the site without signing up, rating photos, and much more features I don’t remember right now.

I’m really happy about working with a tool I like, and I feel I’m going to learn a lot from that. Happy ploning!

6 thoughts on “Working for

  1. Sí, ya hablé con Ana y deducí que tenía algo que ver con el Patio Maravillas. A ver si me responden en la lista y me animan a pasarme.

    Actualización: se escribe deduje, no deducí.

  2. ¡Por dios Isra!, con lo amante del buen uso del castellano que eres tú… ¡y me colocas un “deducí” en vez de “deduje”!…

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