Cómo podría ser el cine en Internet

Hace unos días estuve hablando con unos colegas sobre el cine y las descargas y cómo podríamos remunerar a los autores de una forma medianamente justa y que a la vez la oferta sea atractiva tanto en comodidad como económicamente para la gente. Ante todo, lo primero es que los títulos estén disponibles en streaming […]

Starcraft Multiplayer on Linux over Hamachi

If you have ever tried to play Starcraft on Linux (using Wine) over Battle.net you must have seen that the interface looks very bad and the text is very hard to read. In my case, I was even unable to sucessfully start a game. So I and my friend decided to try a “local” game […]

Free Culture X Conference notes

The Free Culture X Conference and Unconference took place the past 13th and 14th of February at the George Washington University, in Washington, DC. I had the privilege to attend thanks to a travel grant from the generosity of Google, Mozilla and Shareable. As they define it, its vision is to bring together student activists […]

Download historical financial data from Yahoo! using Python

Update! I’ve extended and polished the library and published it as pyyahoofinance at github. Feel free to critizise my coding style and laugh at me, and of course to use it and/or contribute. I’m working on a project where I need to analyze the ups and downs of different stock values along the history and […]

Bulletproof Web Design

When I bought that book I didn’t know it was going to be so good. In less than 300 pages, Dan Cederholm shows you how to build bulletproof websites by replacing old-style (tables, spacer gifs and so) messy code with clean and meaningful XHTML and CSS. Bulletproof means flexible design and content easily readable by […]

Privacy on the Internet

These days I’m continously hearing complaints about lack of privacy on the Internet due to social networks, collaborative bookmarking, mail scanning and more. People are often afraid of putting their sensitive data online because they don’t trust the sites’ policies. They might think these hosting companies are going to sell their data to the spammers, […]

Working for Zassh.com

Last week I started working (earning money :-P) for Zassh.com, a dot-com company which develops a social networking website with the same name about sports. It looks like my future is bound to the social web… or perhaps the Internet is what is bound to the social web. The site is powered by Plone, IMHO, […]

Doodle – schedule an event

This is one of the web apps you wonder why nobody has invented it before. Have you ever tried to arrange a party or work dinner for a lot of people? It’s so difficult to find a day when everybody can attend… Doodle has come to help you! It provides you a easy-to-use schedule and […]

Forvo: todas las palabras del mundo pronunciadas

¿Alguna vez se han preguntado como se decía Mozilla? ¿O lo raro que era pronunciar “weird”? ¿No entiendes el alfabeto fonético? Pues hay gente que ya se ha dado cuenta de que hay un pozo (de desarrollo o de dinero) en este tema y por eso han creado Forvo. ¿Qué es Forvo? Pues un diccionario […]

Rumbo a Flock Inc.

CC by nc sa de Ron Schott en Flickr Llevaba tiempo intentando no soltarlo, porque no me gusta (mentira) ir contando por ahí cada cosita que me pasa pero… ¡Ya es oficial! He entrado a formar parte del equipo de gestión de internacionalización y localización de Flock, lo que se traduce en que voy a […]