Search plugin for documentation

I got bored of having to write “ blabla” in the Firefox search box to use Google to look for documentation in so I created a plugin following these instructions and using this generator.

Check it out!

Some tips:

  • Use Ctrl+K to get to the searchbar.
  • With the focus in the searchbar Alt+Up/Down lets you select what search engine you want to use.
  • While selecting an engine, typing a character makes you jump to the first search engine starting with this character. In our case, use ‘p’.

3 thoughts on “Search plugin for documentation

  1. There’s actually an easy way to do this without plugins:

    – Go to

    – Right-click the docs search field

    – Choose “Add a keyword for this search”

    – Name it “Plone Docs Search”, and give it a keyword “p”

    Now you can just type “p upgrading” in your URL bar, and it’ll do a search on

    And yes, I’m making this easier and better in an upcoming version of Firefox. 馃槈

  2. Thanks for the howto!

    Anyway I still prefer the site-restricted Google search to the integrated documentation search. :)

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